Sunday, January 21, 2007

Club Penguin

I have found the world of multi-user dimensions.

In Club Penguin, you get to walk around as, well... A penguin. You get to make friends and go places, basically anything you could do in REAL life.
You make written slangs that just come to you like flowing water- you would say "u" for "you," and "4" for "for."
You cangt pets including fish, turtles etc. Theres also a pet caled a puffle. They each have there own personallity and color. Theres green ones, purple ones, red, blue, and pink ones. (You have to be a member to get green, purple, and pink.)
A member is when you pay 5 DOLLARS A WEEK, MAN! (@#!!$#!#$!) Before you go around and tell your friends to not become a member, you DO get somthn' out of it... You get clothes, furniture, a bigger igloo, and much more.

Heres the link:


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