Thursday, January 11, 2007


The "Big Snow Storm" came in a bit late. I'm surprised it actually came.

My friend Anika and I went sledding-we used "traditional" cardboard. We sled down some pretty good hills.
A woman said that we could use one of their sleds. It was a Red toboggan with two seats and rope coming out of the front. The seats were cushioned by this orange squishy stuff... Kinda like latex.

It went really fast.
I mean, REALLY fast.

The first time we went I was steering. The hill led right smack-dab in the kiddy pool. On one side of the pool there was a pile of dirt, leaves, branches and snow.
On the other side there was the wall.
We crashed into the pile.

I was either petrified with fright or it was too hard to turn the thing... I think it was both.

The second time was a disaster too.

Anika was steering. No offence Ani if your readn' this right now but the was a heck of a job steern'.

It was the same hill... Except we crashed into the wall.
I bit my lip and it started bleeding, and Anika... Well I don't know very well what happened to her because I was seein' stars, but I know a bit: I know that she got jolted and so did I.

When we got up the hill we found a broken saucer-no, not the alien saucer and no, not the cup and saucer, it was the sledding kind of saucer, ya know, like, the ones people sled in? Ok. We sled in that for a couple of runs and then we went home.


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