Monday, December 04, 2006

All I See is Poppy Red

The day before yesterday, I dyed my hair 'poppy red', as it said on the sticker.

I shared with my cousin who's name is Miranda. She's six years old, and did poppy red streaks in her hair (don't worry it's not permanent).
The brand name was Punky Color, I believe. The whole reason I dyed it was because it was my uncle Seth's birthday, and we went to Point Arena, CA.

We were staying by the Point Arena lighthouse. There were a bunch of cabins that we stayed in, and -- I'm boring you aren't I. I should just get back to the story; So anyway, this is what I did: First I got my hair all wet, then I got in a chair and put a plastic bag with a hole in the bottom that I put my head through.
(I put my arms through the handles.) Then I put a paper bag on the table, and on my pants, so they would not get dye on them. Then came to put the dye on. My mom helped with this--in other words, she smeared a bunch of gooey goop all over my hair. We let it sit for thirty minutes, by then my cousin, was doing her streaks.

I hopped into the shower, and washed out the dye, like it said on the back.
Unfortunately, It did not go so well. I'll tell you what I mean: All I saw was poppy red.


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